Sustainability Strategy Development

– Company Assessment
– Strategy Development
– Strategy Implementation

Whether you are just beginning your Sustainability program or an experienced pro, the Greninger Group’s Sustainability Strategy Development services will help you clearly define your goals and separate yourself from the competition. We will first conduct an overall Company Assessment of your existing sustainability efforts and the environment you operate within.

The assessment will include:

– A survey of the company’s operation and grounds
– An examination of existing policies and procedures
– Interview key staff members
– Conduct a social audit of the company
– Benchmark current performance against the competition

After we’ve completed the Company Assessment we can identify the impacts your company produces (positive & negative) and develop a focused strategy. During the Strategy Development phase we will evaluate the materiality of your impacts so we can then effectively manage risks and maximize opportunities. A materiality matrix will highlight the issues that your plan should address.

With corporate support and building off of the Company Assessment and the Strategy Development phases, the final phase of our process is Strategy Implementation. At this time we will finalize our goals, identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will measure our progress and assign responsibilities throughout the organization.

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